electric vehicles

Hi-Flex ZH-STJ 1 shielded cores

Flexible, LSZH single core cable, shielded intended for automotive applications.

Designed for use with the Hi-Flex ZH power cable range and also used in conjunction with Roctech tape, Hi-Flex ZH uses HFI 121 XL to provide the same levels of flexibility and high temperature performance of the original TPS 125 XL product, with the additional benefits of being Low Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSZH) and is available in a full colour range. It is primarily used in civilian electric-drive applications.

Cavi unipolari di potenza Hi-Flex ZH-STJ 1
Cable name Section Jacket Diam. est. (mm) Item code

6 mmq. HF 121 XL 7,6 IM-700030523

10 mmq. HF 121 XL 8,6 IM-700030524

16 mmq. HF 121 XL 10,8 IM-700028632

25 mmq. HF 121 XL 12,8 IM-700030525

35 mmq. HF 121 XL 14,5 IM-700026906

50 mmq. HF 121 XL 16,7 IM-700028094

70 mmq. HF 121 XL 18,9 IM-700030474

95 mmq. HF 121 XL 21,2 IM-700028633

120 mmq. HF 121 XL 24,2 IM-700028634