Quality and Approvals

IMCAVI offers customers high-quality products according to multiple international standards and certifications.

All manufacturers partner of IMCAVI produce certified products monitored regularly by neutral test and certification centres. Our high-quality guarantee is backed by companies using quality control management system, implemented throughout the supply chain management.

Almost every manufacturing partner we work with has a management system certified according to ISO 9001:2008, DIN EN ISO 14001:2004 standards, further showing our commitment to sell quality cable and wire products.

Our customers can rest easy knowing that our logistic operations use the highest levels quality assurance. Since more than four decades the high confidence that customers have in IMCAVI is visible proof of our quality and environmental efforts.

Typical test performed on cables supplied by IMCAVI

Drag chain test

Rigorously tests products used in drag chains that move short, medium and long distances at slow and fast speeds.

Fire testing

Regularly conduct fire tests in accordance with international standards such as UL/CSA, VDE, HAR.

Scrape off

The durability of the outer sheath is tested for abrasion resistance in the scrape off equipment.