Electric electronic systems

Electric electronic systems

In order to give to our customers the chance to make the most of the possibilities linked to the increase in data transmission speed, we have a wide range of products in the field of cables for electronics, cables for installations and for data transmission.

Among these solutions we have coaxial cables for a high-power transfer within the range of the transmitter, optical fibers for data transmission as well as cables for intrinsic safety systems in areas at risk of explosion.

We are also able to supply you with special productions and compound signal and power cables, spiral cords and coaxial cables for electromedical systems in hospitals, laboratories suitable for nuclear medicine diagnostics.

In addition to the numerous special constructions we boast a long experience in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMV) for a harmonization of plants and electrical equipment both for European markets and for the North American market with a wide choice of cables with UL / CSA approvals.