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The new challenges linked to the globalization of the economy push any industry sector towards a continuous innovation.

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Industry 4.0

The transition to a new phase of business management, the so-called INDUSTRY 4.0 comes from a term coined by the German government in November 2011 to define an industrial strategy that promotes the development of the computerization of industries, in particular manufacturing, with the aim of creating the "Smart Factory", efficient and ergonomic.

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High and low temperature

No matter if it is polar temperatures or high temperatures, IMCAVI can offer you the right solution thanks to the wide range of insulation and sheath materials used.

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The defense sector is one of the most important industries in the European Community with a sales volume close to 1000 billion euros with about 1 000 000 people involved.

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A long-term challenge in the transport cables industry is to find the ideal combination of insulation and sheath systems to meet the specific needs and performance required for trains, meters, trucks, trailers, agricultural equipment and vehicles. off-road vehicles, vertical mobility systems and maritime transport.

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Electric electronic systems

In order to give to our customers the chance to make the most of the possibilities linked to the increase in data transmission speed, we have a wide range of products in the field of cables for electronics, cables for installations and for data transmission.

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