The INTERBUS system was developed by Phoenix Contact and is a standardised fieldbus system specified in European Standard EN 50254, in international standard IEC 61158 and in the German national standard DIN 19258.

In manufacturing automation the INTERBUS cables serve as remote bus cables (Type RBC) or as installation remote bus cables with integrated power supply (Type INBC).

Available are versions for indoor installation as well as cables with increased Uv resistance for outdoor installation and direct burial. All cables are supplied with the appropriate UL approvals for the North American markets. We offer indoor cables with a green outer sheath as well as with a violet outer sheath compliant with DESINA.

Cable name Section Jacket Diam. est. (mm) Item code

0,22 mm² PVC 7,2 IM-81597

0,22 mm² PVC 7,2 IM-81638

0,22 mm² PVC 7,2 IM-28111

0,22 mm² PVC 7,2 IM-106830

0,22 mm² PVC 9 IM-81649

0,22 mm² PVC 9 IM-81650

0,22 mm² , 1,0 mm² PVC 7,9 IM-81640

0,22 mm² , 1,0 mm² PVC 7,9 IM-81642

0,22 mm² , 1,0 mm² PVC 7,9 IM-106831

0,22 mm² , 1,0 mm² PVC 7,9 IM-106832

0,22 mm² , 1,0 mm² PVC 9,7 IM-81651

0,22 mm² , 1,0 mm² PVC 9,7 IM-81652