water blocking, submarine

Seaguard LWBVG H-GM29-K shielded, water-blocked multipairs

ETFE insulated, HFS100 sheathed, approved to VG 95218-29 Type K. Intended for use as transversal and partially longitudinal watertight cables.

As a part of our Underwater Cables and Systems offer, Seaguard LWBVG is a cable range intended for use as submarine outboard cables, fully qualified to the VG 95218-29. These cables are pressure resistant and partially water-blocked for use up to 61 bars as defined by the shipyards.

Cavi multicoppia schermati Seaguard LWBVG  H-GM29-K, con conduttori water-blocked
Cable name Section Jacket Diam. est. (mm) Item code

4x2x0,75 HFS 101 17,5 IM-305-52911-010

7x2x0,75 HFS 102 20,1 IM-305-52911-050

8x2x0,75 HFS 103 22,7 IM-305-52911-020

10x2x0,75 HFS 104 26,6 IM-305-52911-030

14x2x0,75 HFS 105 31 IM-305-52911-060

27x2x0,4 HFS 106 34,4 IM-305-52911-040