land defense

LandguardVG H-GM22-C shielded single cores

ETFE insulated, ETFE sheathed, approved to VG 95218-22 Type C. Intended for use as instrument wiring and also as components for cables.

Developed to meet the requirements of VG 95218, Habia Cable’s LandguardVG range of single and multicore cables holds VDE approval and provides our customers with a range of cables suitable for the high temperatures, vibration, oils and fuels associated with fighting vehicles. Materials are also suitable for Non-Biological Contaminent (NBC) wash-down proceedures.

Cavi unipolari schermati LandguardVG   H-GM22-C
Cable name Section Jacket Diam. est. (mm) Item code

0,25 ETFE 1,83 IM-305-52203-160

0,4 ETFE 2,01 IM-305-52203-010

0,5 ETFE 2,14 IM-305-52203-020

0,6 ETFE 2,26 IM-305-52203-030

0,75 ETFE 2,42 IM-305-52203-040

1 ETFE 2,64 IM-305-52203-050

1,2 ETFE 2,82 IM-305-52203-060

1,5 ETFE 2,98 IM-305-52203-070

2,5 ETFE 3,48 IM-305-52203-080